Tosanaji Keris List 74
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Keris 1
Keris 1     A Javanese keris with a 13 wave blade, dhapur is Sangkelat and pamor is very
finely executed Wos Wutah over a dense black core, it is classifiable as late Mataram. The
quality of the garap (workmanship) displays impeccable attention to detail, all features
(ricikan) are superbly executed, the pawakan is elegant and the gonjo is wulung.

The Surakarta ladrangan wrongko is a terusan or iras form, that is, it is carved from a single
piece of wood, a feat that has always been associated with a master m'ranggi, it has been
crafted from a magnificent piece of burl teak (kayu jati gembol) that has the figure of the
burl extending the full length of the gandar, something that is extremely rare.The gilt
pendok blewah has a hand engraved  motif of blossoms and vines  and bears evidence of

The Surakarta Pakubuwanaan hilt (jejeran) is ensuite with the wrongko and is equal in both
quality and material with the wrongko, it is fitted with a very high quality krawangan selut
of the jeruk keprok form that is set with yakut (rose cut rock crystals) and the mendak is
ensuite with the selut.

This is a magnificent Surakarta formal keris, the blade is clearly empu made, the wrongko
and jejeran are of the highest quality.

Blade length  14.5" (367mm.)           overall length  19.5" (495mm.)