This is a unique hilt, it is the only one of its kind that I have ever seen,
I cannot name geographic location of origin. Age is estimated at last
quarter 19th century to late colonial era.

The figure depicted is very clear:- it is a man in prayer, he wears a
taqiyah and has decidedly Middle Eastern features. The carving is
primitive, it is not the work of a Javanese or Madurese artist, it was
very probably carved by the person who wore it.

Since the function of a keris hilt is as a protective device, the question
must arise as to whether or not we are looking at a representation of
one of the Wali Songo, or perhaps some other noted Islamic
personage. That  this is a representation of simply some unknown
Muslim man does not seem to be at all likely, but who this figure
might have been intended to be must remain a mystery.

I believe this hilt to be one of a kind, it does not follow any recognised
pattern that I have ever encountered.

Height   3.9"  (98mm)