A beautifully sculpted North Coast Java Putra Satu hilt. Collectors
know this hilt style as Putra Satu, or Raksasa, but in fact, the
correct original name is Potre Sadu who was the wife of  Jokotole,
and a member of the Majapahit royal family, she was reputedly so
ugly that people believed she was a re-incarnation of a Raksasa or
demon giant, as such, her likeness made an ideal protective figure
for a keris hilt. Over time the pronunciation of Potre Sadu became
Putra Satu. The name has nothing at all to do with princes, which is
a common misconception.  Estimated age 20th century. With stand.

Height   3.6"  (92mm)                                                                
HILT  38