This is a Madura Pulasir hilt, also known as a Rasogan Sordaduh hilt.
The idea for this hilt form came from Raden Arya Cokrodiningrat of
the Kraton Sumenep, and the style was first carved by Kyai Remen.

For many years this hilt style and the accompanying wrongko style
was thought of by European collectors as a style that had been
developed as a souvenir or "Tourist Keris". As with many of the myths
associated with keris and cherished by collectors, nothing could be
further from the truth, this hilt style was initiated by a noble of the
Kraton Sumenep and became a favoured form of keris dress with
Madurese mercenaries employed by the Dutch.

The one offered here is old, it has the smooth feel and patina of age
and bears the Kuda Sembrani of the Kraton Sumenep. Estimated age
is late Colonial period. With stand.

Height   3.75"  (95mm)