An exceptionally fine and large Balinese silver hilt in the form of Rangda,
the personification of devine negative forces and in Bali, an aspect of Durga.
Rangda is the Queen of the Leyaks. The Leyaks are actually human beings,
but they practice black magic and are able to shape-shift and become
animals, such as pigs, they can fly (so if you see a flying pig in
Bali---RUN).Leyaks practice cannibalism, and Rangda is known for eating
babies. However, all evil entities also have the power to generate good, and
Rangda can use her powers to heal.

As a keris hilt, the role of Rangda is to prevent unwanted evil forces from
occupying the shrine that is the blade of the keris.

This hilt was purchased in Bali in the early 1970's, it was in use at the time
it was purchased. The silver in this hilt is very high content, sterling or
better, and it is over a wood and resin core. Condition is perfect, and the
workmanship is of the highest quality. Age is estimated as mid-20th
century. With stand.

Height  5"  (127mm)