Den Pasar Museum
The Den Pasar Museum is a unique museum, in that it was specifically designed as a
museum exhibit itself.

The museum is housed in a number of buildings, each in its own courtyard, and each
representing a particular regional style of Balinese architecture.

Recently I heard that the Indonesian government had promised a very large sum of
money for the renovation of this museum, and being only too well aware of the way
in which bureaucrats think, I began to fear that this beautiful and unique museum
would some day soon be consigned to a page of history and be replaced by a stainless
steel and glass monstrosity.

Accordingly, when I visited Bali a few months ago I determined to obtain as complete
a record as possible of the museum and its exhibits.

The photos on these two pages are a sample of the museum buildings and surrounds,
and of all the weapons that the museum contains.

Page 1 contains mostly photos of the buildings and grounds, which will give you some
idea of the unique qualities of this beautiful place, Page 2 contains images of all the
weapon art that this museum contains.

The photos are much less than good, poor light and reflection makes clear
photographs very difficult to obtain, however, they are sufficient to show what this
wonderful museum has to offer.